These are the terms of service of Matefolio: More than a social network

Please make sure you read this in its entirety before signing up.


At Matefolio we consider your privacy as top priority and as such will never use your private information for advertisement, sale nor disclose any part of your information to a third party that is not affiliated with Matefolio unless required by US judiciary system. You the user at Matefolio has the option to select who and what other Matefolio members can view and access, any information that you have granted users access is no more deemed private and hence is public material and Matefolio can not be held liable for the misuse of such material. We will never ask for your username or password, so should you receive any email asking for your login information please disregard it, it is not from Matefolio. Matefolio services are free for all.


1. LEGALITY - The use of Matefolio and its service are meant for people of legal age, this is binding to the age of legality in your residing country. Anyone that is under the age of legality in their country affirms that he/she have received permission from their parents or guardian or the head of their resident to make use of Matefolio services.

2. MEMBERS - At sign-up on Matefolio you have the option to choose your unique username (provided that it has not been taken or have any illicit words) , you also choose your own personal password which will only be known to you. It is your responsibility to secure and protect your login information in a safe place. In the event that you have forgotten your username, Matefolio CAN send you your username at the email address you used during signup . However in the event that you have lost your password Matefolio CANNOT and WILLNOT supply you with your original password because this password is known only to you. Matefolio will send you a computer generated password to the email address you used during signup. Should you suspect that your account information have been compromised, it is your responsibility to notify Matefolio immediately and Matefolio will disable the account until the matter is resolved in full.

Member Levels

At Matefolio there are 3 levels of membership (a) Standard (b) Silver (c) Platinum Plus. All are free, the only difference is the amount of storage space available to user differs in each level.

a. Standard Members: Users are allotted 2 Gbs of Group space, 2 Gbs of Event space, 10 Gbs of File storage space, 300 music upload with 10Gbs, 50 allowed album upload, and 75 allowed video uploads at 2Gbs for each video for a total of 150Gbs video storage space.

b. Silver Members: Users are upgraded to Silver status if they successfully refer more than 30 users, this level includes 5 Gbs of Group space, 5 Gbs of Event space, 10 Gbs of File storage space, 600 music upload with 10Gbs, 100 allowed album upload, and 150 allowed video uploads at 2Gbs for each video for a total of 300Gbs video storage space.

c. Platinum Plus Members: Users are upgraded to Platinum Plus status if they successfully refer more than 60 users, this level includes 10 Gbs of Group space, 10 Gbs of Event space, Unlimited file storage space, 999 music upload with 10Gbs, 150 allowed album upload, and 300 allowed video uploads at 2Gbs for each video for a total of 600Gbs video storage space.

3. OUR SERVICES - Matefolio offers wide variety of services

a. File Management and Storage – We try to make life a little easier by allowing you 10Gbs of free file storage. Document such as pdf, doc, txt, zip etc can easily be uploaded to your Matefolio account and easily accessed at a later time. Members storage space can be upgraded to unlimited space if they refer 50 confirmed members.

b. Audio and Video private chat – With our audio and Video chat capability, families and friends that are far away can communicate with each other in real time. Also businesses can setup conferences using Matefolio’s video and chat system.

c. Public chat room – Our public chat room is a place where users have the chance to discuss issues with other Matefolio members. This chat room service is not meant for any kind of solicitation, any member flagged as misusing this service will be banned.

d. Personal Email – We have raised the bar by offering any of our members unlimited web email, your new Matefolio email will be, which will be activated within 1 week after signup.

e. Video Upload - At Matefolio we realize the importance of having all your eggs in one basket, that is why we have allotted space for users to be able to upload THEIR video from YouTube and store them on Matefolio. Other Videos can also be uploaded.

f. Music Upload – Matefolio offers 10Gbs of music storage which is different from file storage space. With our integrated music player, members can play their favorite music on their profile and create their own personal playlist on Matefolio.

g. Event – We know the importance of organizations need of portals where they can manage their events, we have allotted an additional 2 Gbs of free space for each event.

h. Groups – This is where people of similar interest and idea come to share those ideas, for this purpose a 2 Gbs of free space is available for any group that wishes to use Matefolio services.

i. Games – with over 3000 games, we’ve made sure that anyone will find a game that is suitable to their liking, and users can also upload their own games.

4. YOUR PLEDGE – You pledge that by joining Matefolio that you MUST abide by the following rules.

a. All and any music that I will upload is a back-up copy of my personal music which I legally own.

b. All videos that I upload including YouTube videos that I have acquired rights to such video either by purchase or with the permission of the legal owner of the video.

c. That I will not upload any inappropriate materials to my Matefolio account such as Pornography, Music with foul content and Pictures with rated adult content.

d. That I will not use inappropriate language when commenting on other members pictures, music, video, or files.

e. That any media that I am uploading have not been stolen, downloaded, or ripped from a source which does not belong solely to you.

f. That I will not use the public chat room to solicit unwanted behaviors or minors into inappropriate acts.

g. That I will not create any false accounts on Matefolio.

h. That I will not sale or distribute any content of other Matefolio users without their written or verbal consent.

i. That I will not harass, disturb, or intrude on other Matefolio users.

j. That I accept that the use of Matefolio is a privilege not a right.

k. That I will not try to hack or login into another members account without their prior knowledge and approval.

l. That I will not try to falsely obtain another member private account information.

m. I accept that Matefolio is not a sharing portal, so I will not share any music or media through Matefolio.

n. I accept that violation of any of the regulation may lead to account suspension or termination.

o. I accept that by continuing to signup that I agree to all the terms presented.

p. I will not upload any code that is harmful to Matefolio such as viruses.

q. I recognize that minors are vulnerable and will not take advantage of that.

r. I will not offer minors any type of adult related products such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or weapons.

s. I will not discuss any type of illegal acts on Matefolio.

t. I am a minor and I have the consent of my parent/guardian to use Matefolio.

u. I will frequently update my account information.

v. I will not share my login information with anyone.

w. I will not use Matefolio copyright information without their written consent first.

x. I will not hold Matefolio liable in the event that there is a misunderstanding between yourself and another Matefolio member.

y. I accept to be held responsible for my actions on Matefolio.

z. I will not make false statements or false advertisements about Matefolio.

5. OUR PLEDGE – We pledge to provide you services with the best of our ability guided by the rules below:

a. We will NEVER ask for your password through email or any other source.

b. We will NEVER share your private information to a third party.

c. We will always ask for your permission to use any of your material that you have uploaded onto your Matefolio.

d. We may use your public media for advertisement on Matefolio.

e. We will always protect your rights and privacy.

f. We will NEVER refuse service to any member on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or age(minors MUST have parent/guardian permission)

g. We will always try to make your stay on Matefolio as easy and pleasant as possible.

h. Your free services will Always remain free for as long as your account is active.

i. We will NOT charge you for unused service.

j. We may monitor your account only with suspicion of illegal activities.

k. We will try our best to safeguard all materials (photos, files, music, etc) that you have uploaded to your Matefolio account.

6. BILLING - You authorize Matefolio to charge you for any part of its services that are not free either monthly or at time of purchase. If for any of the listed reasons above that your account is terminated or deleted because of a breach of our terms by you, you accept and agree not to seek refund for any remaining credits left on your account because you understand that all credits and funds on account are deleted at time of termination or deletion.

7. iMOBILE - We have integrated free iMOBILE to allows users with different types of supported webkit based browsers such as Android, WebOS, iPhone & iPod for on the go and easy access of Matefolio. With the iMobile users can with the touch of a screen update their status, read activity feed, place comment, read and send messages, blog, stay updated with recent groups and events and many more.

8. PAGES - Our pages section is where businesses, campaign managers, organizations, bands, sports fans, stars fans, or any other kind of groups can come and create a webpage to promote their organization. As a page owner at Matefolio you agree that:

a. If my page content does not comply with the rules stated in section 4, I will change or remove such content.

b. My page cannot not be of racial, segregating, or discrimination manner.

c. Any information you collect from members of your page you will keep private and agree not to distribute them in any way, shape, or form.

d. You agree that the terms stated in section 4 and in this terms entirety also applies to your page.

e. You may not place any type of advertisement on your page without prior approval by Matefolio.

f. If your page is for donation purpose, you agree that all revenues generated will be distributed promptly to such named organization or group.

g. You will protect the right and safety of your members.

9 RSS FEED - RSS feed makes it easier to get all your news and update easy and fast. By using the RSS, you agree that you will use it in the manner intended and solely for the purpose intended by the feeder.

10. CONSTITUTION - These are our basic constitution

a. This privacy rules can be changed at any time.

b. Members will receive message about any major changes.

c. We may change the look and feel of pages without prior notification.

d. We may shut down the site for different reasons such as maintenance, or required to do so by law.

e. We are bound by the federal law of United States of America.

f. We may not upgrade your account if we believe that your referrals have been falsely created by you.

11. DAMAGES - Any damages, losses of financial, or emotional affect that a members suffers as a result of using Matefolio services, we CANNOT be held responsible for such action. Your use of this service is at your own risk and you use it with the knowledge that some members will try to take advantage of other users. You agree should such situation arise you will not seek any financial rewards either through the courts or otherwise and that any legal fees that Matefolio suffers as a result of your claims that you WILL be responsible for.

12. DISPUTES - Just as people disagree at work, school, and other public places, Matefolio is a public portal and as such their WILL be some disputes between members. Any disputes between members, Matefolio CANNOT and WILL NOT be involved in settling such disputes, unless a user is accused of violation of one of the section of this privacy laws, at which point Matefolio will take the necessary action. Members are asked to respect each other’s space, wall, pictures, music , album, group, forum, and blog posts and comment. Members are reminded termination of account and banning of user email address can result from such disputes. Posting and comment of media using foul language in strictly prohibited, there are minors on this portal and their rights also has to be respected. Matefolio CANNOT be liable for any damages resulting from disputes between members.

13. AGREEMENT - This statement concludes the contract between You (the user) and US (matefolio)

a. If you feel that you will be unable to uphold all the terms in its entirety, please do not continue.

b. If by upholding one of these term makes you liable to breaking another, we ask you to contact matefolio at once so we can resolve the issue.

c. If any party of this contract is not fully enforced by us, do not assume that it is not in effect nor that it has been waived.

d. Your account belongs to you and only you, accounts are not transferable.

e. Should a third party acquired Matefolio, you will be bound by the rules and regulation of named third party.

f. In case of such acquisition named above, your privacy, rights and safe will still be upheld by such third party.

g. If Matefolio enters into a contract with YOU, the contract cannot be binding unless it is written and signed by both parties involved.

h. Just as in any situation, the law of the land prevails.